Welcome to Alabama

Indian Creek Lodge offers quality whitetail deer, wild turkey, and wild hog hunts in the Alabama Blackbelt Region. This is the ideal place for hunters who are looking for the most action-packed trip, and the ability to hunt three very distinct animals. We make a continuous effort managing the land and amenities here, and owner John Sherling has dedicated himself to providing the highest level hunting experience to clients for over 40 years. Over the years, ,Indian Creek Lodge has become a mainstay for those seeking the best of Alabama hunting. A large portion of our guests return every year ,and we welcome new clients to see what makes us a cut above the rest.

About the Hunts

With long seasons and high bag limits, Alabama is a favorable place to travel to for a hunting adventure. Starting with bowhunting from mid October and gun season from mid November, we get four months of excellent hunting in before February 10th. The Blackbelt produces high numbers and quality game each year. And thanks to diligent management of our four thousand acres, the best whitetail deer, eastern wild turkey, and wild hogs are plentiful here. We invite you to come experience the best family-friendly Alabama hunting adventure. You'll be visiting the finest hunting region within the south, and be provided with the highest service, guiding, and amenities.